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Our network has attracted a diverse and talented team from around the globe, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. This international representation allows Team Validus to stay ahead of the curve and truly understand the needs of global markets.

The team is composed of some of the most sought-after talents in the industry, and we are confident that with their skills and dedication, we will be able to reach our goals and continue sustaining our ecosystem.

Validus Official IBO, is an independent business owner of Validus. Which means just like you we bought into the company and bring a very unique set of skills to help spread the word and build the network online.

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The Validus Team

Howard Friend

Howard Friend brings three decades of experience as a trader, market strategist, and trading educator. He was previously Chief Investment Officer at Easy Neu Alpha Partners SA and Chief Market Strategist at MIG Bank, now Swissquote. A member of the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) Association, Howard is an accomplished industry veteran, has developed proprietary algorithmic trading systems, and regularly conducts seminars on trading tactics. Howard’s extensive knowledge and experience in the financial markets as a trader and educator make him the perfect candidate to lead a company with a primary focus on improving literacy, especially financial literacy.

Mansour Tawafi

Mansour Tawafi was just nineteen when he began his entrepreneurial pursuit in network marketing. He had spoken at hundreds of seminars by twenty-two, addressing up to ten thousand delegates strong. He has since travelled across fifty countries as a leadership and fintech expert and is renowned for his quick grasp of complex concepts and unique communication abilities. Mansour’s expertise lies in driving growth by developing networks and mentoring leaders to achieve their full potential.

Dr Parwiz Daud

Parwiz Daud, a medical doctor by profession, left the world of medicine behind in 2014. An independent thinker with a natural flare for business, he amassed a wealth of experience as a cunning businessman at a young age; soon after graduation, he turned to network marketing. A visionary and diligent networker, he rose to prominence quickly, overseeing a network of three and a half million members globally. Dr Daud’s strength lies in his ability to inspire people, connect, build and cultivate long-term relationships.


Alharith Hamed Alqassim has over two decades of trading and business experience and has managed a diverse investment portfolio from a young age. Having started managing his family business at fifteen, he was one of the first teen entrepreneurs from Dubai. His business acumen quickly led to his increased responsibilities, becoming the deputy CEO at this family company by the time he reached eighteen. In his twenty years of business, Alharith has established companies in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, service sector, IT, trading, food, and construction. His knowledge as an entrepreneur in business ethics and culture, especially in the Middle East markets, makes Alharith a perfect addition to the team. With a keen eye for detail and a vast global network, Alharith is well-placed to steer and guide the company, its headquarters in Dubai and oversee the ambitious international expansion plan.

Amador Ramirez

Amador Ramirez oversees Validus’ operations, leadership, and growth in Latin America. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and transforming them into role models within communities, he is a flourishing businessman with companies in blockchain technology, decentralised finance, marketing and consulting. As vice president of Latin America, Amador is responsible for developing systems, assisting leaders, and overseeing the expansion of networks worldwide with a specific focus on the Latin American market.

Hicham Laarej

Hicham Laarej is the driving force of Validus in Europe. He is a prolific network marketer, having topped almost every production chart in previous companies. Having generated sales of over a hundred million US dollars and developed organisations of over ten thousand people worldwide, Hicham’s specialty lies in his ability to spread his vision. He possesses a unique capacity to take beginners and set them on the path to success. His leadership philosophy is defined by his love, commitment to his people, and ability to connect with and inspire them. A real estate sales manager who started MLM in a market filled with pessimism a decade ago, he persevered, developing and harnessing his skills; today, he has helped create countless leaders and help them attain financial freedom through his expansive network.

Dani Balogun

Dani Balogun leads Validus across Africa and is a self-motivated network marketer. With a background in the army, few people in the network marketing world can boast the discipline, and the hunger Dani possesses. Having started his journey in network marketing at one of the biggest MLM companies in the world in 2012, Dani witnessed immense growth and was one of the few young entrepreneurs to become a regional vice president in Europe. Having spent much of his life in the Netherlands, Dani became a renowned businessman in Africa after his network marketing career. Today his businesses flourish on two different continents. Having built up specialised knowledge of the African continent in recent years, Dani is the ideal candidate to explore the untapped potential of Africa and drive further growth in the market for Validus.


Tracey is a CEO with an international profile. She founded Wake Up Down Under and is a Grant Cardone Licensee and 10x certified coach. She is the Co-founder of Skygym Global and My Real Estate Advisor USA. Her corporate background has significantly impacted some of the world’s largest companies by supporting the implementation of transformational change valued at billions of dollars. Her expertise in this field resulted in her being appointed as a world cup judge for the PMO Global alliance. Her best-selling book collaboration, “Powerhouse Woman – She built it herself”; is a testament to her authority on her greatest passion: empowering women to realise their potential. Currently, she is filming a TV show in Australia for a mainstream audience. Tracey is poised to lead the Oceania market for Validus.

Asos Harsin

Asos Harsin is a passionate entrepreneur and one of the most recognisable names in the European network marketing industry. Asos is responsible for developing and overseeing the network leadership system in Validus, an area critical to the organisation’s long-term success. Over two decades, he has generated hundreds of millions of US dollars in revenue and mentored numerous global top-earning MLM leaders. A keen speaker, Asos has also spoken to audiences of tens of thousands of people multiple times. He is a seasoned veteran recognised today as a leader in the industry and a consistent seven-figure earner; no one is better placed to spearhead Validus’ sophisticated leadership programme.

Philippe Moser

Philippe C. Moser is a revered executive in direct sales, boasting a distinguished career spanning over three decades. A decorated United States Air Force veteran, Philippe’s encounter with the MLM industry took place during his tenure with the U.S.A.F. Over the past two decades, he has harnessed his linguistic prowess to develop top-tier sales and marketing teams on a global scale. As a certified John Maxwell Team coach and speaker, he has garnered impressive individual and team achievement accolades. Philippe’s ardent zeal lies in honing leadership acumen among individuals and instilling a sense of purpose, empowering them to strive towards realising their aspirations. He will be working intimately with the corporate team to develop strategies to maximise the potential of each market.

Team Validus Official IBO

Team Validus Official is an IBO (Independant Business Owner) of Validus. I have been in affiliate marketing & online marketing for over 16 years.
Having successfully built and sold 9 websites for multiple six figure sums. Along with being one of the top 50 affiliates/advertisers in the world for igaming (gambling niche).
I now work with and for alot of big companies mustly under NDA helping next their businesses to the next level online. As an online marketing expert if you join my team through the site, i’ll teach you all you need to know in order to do the same.
Word of mouth network marketing only gets you so far, with online marketing you open up your IBO to world.

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